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Arrangements for the disposal of Household Asbestos Waste

Arrangements for the disposal of Household Asbestos Waste

Household asbestos waste generated within Clackmannanshire can be disposed of at Lower Polmaise Landfill Site, Fallin Road, Stirling.

Please phone the weighbridge on 01786 462 859 to advise them that you intend to visit the site to dispose of asbestos. They will advise you of opening times.

Types of asbestos accepted

The site will accept:

Cement-bonded asbestos from domestic household sources, for example garage roof tiles and water tanks.

The site will NOT accept:

Asbestos from non-household sources or non-cement bonded asbestos. (A specialist contractor must be contacted should higher risk asbestos require removal and disposal).


  • Wear Personal Protective Equipment and clothing - a boiler suit with a hood if possible, gloves, eyewear and mask (FFP3 rated). These items can be obtained at most DIY outlets. Remember to dispose of these items carefully in a sealed bag, removing the mask last.
  • Hose down/wet the asbestos to minimise dust particles.
  • Do not use power tools to break up the asbestos as this creates more dust.
  • Use heavy gauge polythene to double-wrap the asbestos. If this isn't available, double-wrap using two thick bin liners. Tape the polythene well so dust cannot escape during transferral to the site.
  • Ensure that packages of wrapped asbestos can be easily lifted by one/two people in and out of your vehicle. There is no machine available to transfer the asbestos from your vehicle to the skip.


  • Due to the nature of the waste and the way it needs to be disposed of, asbestos is accepted onto the site from Monday to Thursday only, when specially trained staff are available to advise. Please do not attend Lower Polmaise HWRC to dispose of asbestos on any other day as they will not be able to accept the waste.
  • On arrival at Lower Polmaise, please report directly to the weighbridge.
  • Occasional handling of correctly prepared asbestos waste should pose no threat to you, but regular handling may be dangerous for the long-term health of staff. If you need assistance transferring the waste to the skip you should arrange for someone to accompany you to the site to help.

If a householder is unable to deliver the asbestos to the site e.g. the asbestos may be an integral part of a storage heater, then the householder should contact a qualified contractor to carry out the work and arrange disposal of the waste at their own expense.

This arrangement applies to household waste only, commercial waste producers must make their own arrangements for the disposal of asbestos.

For further advice on asbestos disposal please call the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) 01786 457700 or refer to trade or telephone directories for a list of contractors.

For Further Information Contact

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