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Community Councils Consultation Begins

Published on:


February 2017

Residents are being asked to give their views on a number of issues relating to community councils.

Clackmannanshire Council has just initiated the first stage of a public consultation process on the operational framework within which community councils work.

The first stage of the consultation asks if the boundaries for each community council reflect natural communities of people, and what membership numbers should be.

Community councils speak for the people who live within their boundaries, but for this, the Council is also asking residents to speak for themselves.

The Council will be working with Clackmannanshire's nine existing community councils to ensure there is an informed response to this consultation. To help do this, the Council is at the same time asking people to share their views on collective community activity to find out how community councils could operate to suit 21st century lifestyles, interests and attitudes.

There are two on-line questionnaires on ClacksWeb. One is for people who want to express their views specifically on community council boundaries and membership numbers. The other is for people who want to share their attitudes to community activity and the part it plays in their lives. They can both be found in the same 'Community Councils' consultation in the consultation database on ClacksWeb.

The findings from this first stage of consultation will be presented to a meeting of Clackmannanshire Council before the second stage on community council elections and other aspects of governance begins.
There is more detail about the consultation and general information on community councils on ClacksWeb.