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Brown Bin for Garden Waste

Brown Bin for Garden Waste


Only one brown bin (240 litre size) is emptied per household free of charge, irrespective of size of household or garden.

This waste is collected every three weeks from March to November. You can use the Bin / Waste Collection calendar to find your waste collection date.

Please present your brown bin at the kerbside for 7.00am. If your bin has been missed then please use our self-service missed waste collection form to report this. Alternatively please contact Customer Services on 01259 450000 as soon as possible. We will return to empty the bin as soon as we can..

Additional brown bins are available at a cost of £41.00 for the collection season March to November. Call 01259 450000 or email for more information.

Please remember there are no scheduled winter collections.If you require a garden waste collection in December, January or February please contact us using the phone number or e-mail address given above.

Yes please to:

brown bin waste

  1. Flowers and plants
  2. Grass clippings
  3. Hedge trimmings
  4. Leaves
  5. Prunings
  6. Twigs and small branches
  7. Weeds

No thanks to:

  1. Plastic bags, containers or packaging
  2. Bin liners
  3. Stones, soil or rubble
  4. Metal
  5. Glass
  6. Cat or dog waste
  7. Kitchen waste
  8. Drinks cartons
  9. Fencing
  10. Plant pots
  11. Polystyrene
  12. Wire mesh
Please remember that it is important to place the correct items in your bin. If your brown bin contains any items that cannot be composted, it will not be emptied until these items have been removed.

Managing Garden Waste

Plant waste production has peak periods - grass cutting in the summer, clearing of leaves during the autumn, trimming of shrubs before early spring etc.

During these peak periods your bin space may not be enough. On those occasions there are alternatives:

  • Store your plant waste in bags until your next collection when you have space. Plant waste is not produced continuously in the same way as green bin waste is. It also does not attract vermin therefore it can be stored. If storing in bags, leave the bags open until the moisture has evaporated. This will get rid of the damp grass smell.
  • Take your excess garden waste to Forthbank Recycling Centre, Bowhouse Road, Alloa where it will be recycled.
  • Request a bulky uplift of your garden waste, please note that bulky uplifts are chargeable.
  • Compost your garden waste. As well as being a good way of getting rid of your extra grass clippings, you can also compost fruit and vegetable waste from the kitchen.

What can I do if my brown bin smells?

Wet grass smells if left in a closed container. Create an air gap by placing a wedge between the lid and the bin. Leave enough space that will keep the rain out but will still allow the moisture in the grass to evaporate. It is the moisture in the grass that causes the bin to smell. By doing this, it also makes the grass less likely to stick to your bin, making it easier for us to empty.

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